Java, C, C++,Python, x86 Intel Processor Assembly Language, Matlab, Microsoft Office


  1. Computer technician at CompTechS, De Anza College January 2018- June 2018
    • Working as a team to install software and hardware for students who cannot afford a computer
    • Troubleshoot the error occurs on faulty computers
    • Dissemble laptop to investigate the inner structure of computer
    • Refurbishing and redeploying equipment that would otherwise become e-waste
  2. Waiter at Sovereign Dragon, Johor Bahru January 2017-March 2017
    • Memorized the cooking time of all ingredients
    • Clean all work areas, equipment, and utensils
    • Establish and maintain good relationship with frequent customers
  3. Book fair Associate at Harris, Johor Bahru November 2015-December 2015
    • Set up book shelves and tables to place the books
    • Arranging books and make sure there are put in the right places
    • Assist customers to search for their desired book
  4. Cashier at Petronas, Johor Bahru November 2014-December 2014
    • Process customer payments by cash, debit and credit card


English, Chinese, Malay


Visiting orphanage, brought them to zoo, and spent time with them